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    Deleting a User's document doesn't work as expected

      We tried to delete a user's document via:


      1) Searching for the user.

      2) Clicking on the user's Documents in the Activity row of the "User Properties" page

      3) Then clicking on the "Delete All Documents" button.


      The document was deleted however the document was not created by the user, only edited at some stage, other people had since edited the document yet the delete ooperation removed all instances (versions) of the document from Clearspace such that we had to manually recreate it.


      We would imagine that deleting a user's documents would result in Clearspace ONLY deleting documents the user had created or THOSE VERSIONS of a document that a user had produced by editing an existing document. We would not expect Clearspace to remove all traces of a document from everywhere and everyone on the system even if the user didn't create it.


      Can you advise ?

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          After a user edits a document that document becomes one of their documents because they are a collaborator on it.


          Once a document is deleted it can be restored in the Admin console under "Spaces"-"Document Management".


          I don't really see a good way to delete all a users content from the system. If Clearspace did only delete the documents that a user created, what if someone had added to them? If just the deleted users content was removed then the remaining document probably wouldn't make any sense. I would be interested your ideas on how this type of functionality would work.




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            Hi Shaun -

            The thinking behind this feature was that you are deleting the documents a user owns. The list that is displayed in this page is the list of all documents that a user has created. Every document has an owner (the creator), regardless of whether it is open or closed, how many versions there are, and how many collaborators there may be. It is not the list of every document a user has edited.


            I agree this page would make more sense if it showed you all the documents a user has edited, and it only deleted those versions a user has created. It brings up a few strange corner cases, but nothing we can't deal with. For explicit and complete document deletion, you could then just use the document management page rather than this user activity page. I filed this suggestion in jira here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-820