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    Approve or Reject of edit in Collaboration doesn't take

      We've been trying out the collaboration function.  I have set up a Wiki document with one approver and four authors.


      When an author made a change, the approver received notification to approve or reject the document.


      Regardless of whether the author rejected or approved the document, the author was presented with:


        "You have approved/rejected publication of this document."

        "Approve or Reject This Document :  Approve/Reject"

        "This document is awaiting approval, and is therefore not visible to the space. Only authors, reviewers, or approvers can currently access it. Once all approvers have approved the document, it will be published and visible to the space."


      Is this the expected behavior?




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          If I am following you correctly that is intended behavior.


          A document must be approved by all "approvers" to be published once submitted for approval.


          Authors can still edit a document after it has been submitted for approval.  If you notice , the "publish" button is replaced by the "submit for approval" button for all authors.  This forces all approvers to approve a document before it is published.


          The part I am confused about is that authors are seeing the button to approve/reject the document.  This should not be happening.  Can you walk me through the steps you took to see this?  Also, can you reproduce this on 1.0.4?

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              Kevin - we are using 1.0.4.  Just sent you a set of screen shots.


              I'm the only approver.  Clearspace tells me I have a draft that needs approving.  I click approve, and I'm told that the document still needs approving.  Take a look at the screen shots and maybe you can tell me what's going on?




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                  I'm not sure why or how you're getting the "your document has been approved" and "your document needs to be approved" at the same time.


                  To try and reproduce, I did the following:

                  1.  Log in as user 1.

                  2.  Create a closed document.  Add user 2 as an approver.  Submit document for approval.

                  3.  Log in as user 2. 

                  4.  Navigate to "documents needing your approval" 

                  5.  Select document.

                  6.  Click Approve.


                  I now only see a "your document has been approved" message.  I no longer see the Approve/Decline buttons.  Did you do something different in your steps to reproduce?