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    Quirky Search Logic

      One of our users noticed the following:


      +I find Search in "People" to be somewhat baffling. For instance, if I select the letter "S", to list all users beginning with "S", then I see a list which contains users beginning with other letters as well. Furthermore, if I then hit "Next" to see more users beginning with "S", I now get a screen of users beginning with "A". Is it me? What am I doing wrong?



      Further investigation reveals some confusion with the search logic. For example, if you click on the A to Z, the two columns "name" and "username" contain the same data. Furthermore, its sorting the list by full name and not by username as one would expect

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          Yeah... There are some serious problems with this functionality, not just searching. It shows username and name being the same, which they are not. It's sorting by username, which is not being displayed. This can be very confusing when Joe Anderson shows up on the top of the list with other "A" names, because his username is "anderson". There is also a bug when choosing a specific letter. If there are more than 10 entries, it shows a "next" link at the bottom, which will always take you to the second page of the A-Z list.


          I just tested this in 1.0.4 and it's broken as described above.

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              I just created a test environment on 1.0.4.  I have 15 users with usernames from test1 to test15 (very original I know).


              If you search on t nothing shows up as it was an exact match.  I then did a search on t*, and all the test users showed up.  The column names were username, name, email, registered, and status level.  These users are all in the "search results" tab.


              I then clicked the next button, and saw the rest of the results--still within the search results tab.


              Have you customized the skin at all or made any other customizations?

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                  No, no customizations for people.

                  And just to be clear, it's not searching that I'm concerned with. It's the display of user names and the next link functionality. To duplicate the next link bug, click the letter T on the people page. You should see a list of the first 10 of your test users. If you hover over the next link at the bottom of the page, you'll see that it's going to take you to: /people?view=alphabetical&start=10.


                  This would be OK, if you were on the first page of people, but you're not, you're looking  at a list of people that start with the letter T. The problem is that the "prefix" parameter is not being preserved in the URL. The next link should look like this: /people?view=alphabetical&prefix=t&start=10.



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                  I did see the full names displayed under the username column.  I logged this here: