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    User name reference consistency

      This is a follow-up to a related thread:



      Besides the inconsistencies with user browsing, there are other places where the "username" and "name" are mixed up:


      In a person's profile, if they have not posted any documents, the message is:

        <username> has not created any documents


      In both discussions and blog posts, the persons "name" is referenced. But in document postings, the text is:

         Created on:Mar 6, 2007 11:14 AM by <username>


      Anyway to get these references consistent?

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          Would you set:


          skin.default.displayFullNames  to false to see if that fixes seeing any fullnames?


          I set this to false, and could not find any full names anywhere.


          I set this to true, and the only username I could find was in the "hello, username" statement

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              Yes, it seems to make all references to people by their username, not full names. The only place I saw full names was in the people browser. Although this gets closer to having consistency, I'd rather have full names displayed everywhere for readability. Document submitted by "Bill Jones" looks better than "bj". The username should only be displayed if the full name has not been set. This was suggested in another thread. In fact, (since this is designed to be an internal collaboration tool) I'd like an option to make the full name a mandatory data field, and an option to disable users from hiding their email addresses or full names.


              Just a thought...