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    Private messaging

      I wasn't sure where to ask this question, so I assumed it was a bug.


      Where is private messaging in Clearspace? I know I could always send them an email, (although the shift to Clearspace is intended to discourage email use). If a user hides their email address, what is the alternative?


      Upcoming feature? Purposely removed?

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          I believe Jive told us that it's coming in the upcoming (late April?) 1.1 release ("external edition"?).

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              This was originally intentionally removed, as Clearspace is intended for internal audiences, where we thought people would use email instead.  This feature is planned for Clearspace X (external edition as the other reply indicates).

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              hi dcarter,


              Kevin is right: it was removed because Clearspace 1.0.0 was targeted at the internal collaboration market, private messages should be in the 1.1.0 release.  It wasn't really to discourage email use as much as the thought was that since Clearspace 1.0 was supposed to be used inside an organization, you'd never really have people hiding their email address since normally you can find people's email through the corporate directory anyway.





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                  Hey AJ,


                  There seems to be some conflicting design issues. If Clearspace was designed for internal collaboration, why is there "guest" access and no easy way to provide a "members only" site? One bad assumption could be that "internal == LAN". We need an internal site, but we have users all over the world, which will require authentication.


                  There's also a conflict with intended use. You want people to stop emailing and start using discussions. But if they want to send a private message, they should use email. PM is also a duplication of function. Why implement (what is effectively) email in Clearspace, when people already have email? The main value I see for PM is that I can keep all Clearspace related communication in one place, the Clearspace site.

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                    Hi AJ,


                    If Private Messaging is not enabled in the product, you should remove from the admin interface System > Settings > Private Messaging, because otherwise it is confusing


                    CSX 1.1.1

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                        Not sure if you caught this in AJ's post:


                        "...private messages should be in the 1.1.0 release."


                        This is also specific to CS Internal.  We always planned on having PM for CSX

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                            In my CSX 1.1.1, there is a switch for turning on private messaging in the admin interface, but turning it on doesn't do anything. Do I need to restart? (Can I do that from the admin interface? I don't have access to the machine that this is installed on.)




                            ps any snark is purely friendly. I remain a big Clearspace fan.