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    Does 1.0.4 Fix Blog Comments Issue?

      I'm still having the problem that our members can't see blog comments... it's kind of an important thing for our community to actually engage with each other to see these. Any idea what might be going on (I set all the possible settings to allow folks to read blogs)?


      Thanks for any help with this. We have an opportunity to greatly expand our community right now, and I think that for the expansion to be a success, that feature is pretty critical.


      Thanks for your help.



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          I can see how that might be a problem, and I agree that having this functionality would be critical, however I am not aware of there being a problem with creating comments on blogs.


          My guess is that the settings for blogs are set incorrectly.  Would you log into the admin console, and Blogs>Settings>Blog Settings.


          On this page is the following option: "Comments."  Make sure this is set to enabled.  If disabled, you will see the behavior you are witnessing.

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              It's not that they can't create comments, it's that after someone has created a blog comment, nobody (except an administrator) can review them. In my version, the only permissions someone can have is to "Read" or "Create" a blog. These permissions are enabled. You can read the post, but not any comments added to the post.


              Thanks for your help with this.


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                  That is weird, as my out of the box installation does not have this problem.


                  Have you configured any moderation values?


                  Also, for the space the blog is in, would you grant all permissions?  I want to ensure it's not a space permissions issue.

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                      No. I have not configured any moderation values. And I have granted members

                      of two groups permissions for this space. But the only permissions they

                      don't have are to create an announcement or a poll. The rest are checked

                      with the green checkmark. If you want to call and work through this with me

                      my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Otherwise, I'm fine to keep working with you via

                      email. Also, Jorge Dorantes is going to upgrade us to 1.0.4 today sometime.

                      I did not see that this was a fixed issue in the bug log (and perhaps

                      there's something quirky that I've done that isn't a bug... but I've

                      searched high and low).