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    Seeking ability to increase Avatar size on profile page

      My company is encouraging actual photos for avatars, and several users have asked how we can increase the size of the image on the profile page.


      The avatar image size is just fine for postings, but is there a customization that I can do to increase the size of the Avatar on the profile page?


      There is a "Maximum image width" setting in people >> settings >> avatar settings, but this does not seem to effect the actual display size at the member's profile page.


      Is there something I can customize in the system properties?






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          You can change this by editing the current them or creating a new theme. The page your after is view-profile.ftl. In this file you will see the size of the avatar being limited on this page. I made a change like so :

                          <div id="jive-body-intro">
                              <div id="jive-body-intro-content">
                                  <!--<div id="jive-profile-avatar">-->
                                      <@jive.userAvatar user=targetUser size=256/>
                                  <h1><@jive.displayUserDisplayName user=targetUser/></h1>

          You can see I commented out the div that creates the fancy border around the image and increased the display size of the avatar. You can play around with that number and find one that works for you.




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              Thanks Nate.  I get this, and was able to find and edit a custom template within what I believe to be my active theme.


              I guess I have a bigger issue in that I do not understand how to best manage themes, templates and theme mapping.  I have a handful of themes, and one theme map connected to "space".  I've gone in to several themes to look up the view-profile.ftl template, and changed them all as you instructed. 


              Not seeing results, so I'm missing something on theme mapping is my guess.  Are there any postings you can point me towards on understanding how to use themes?