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    Initial LDAP Login not filling in profile...

      We have Clearspace, the recent version, successfully authenticating against our enterprise directory service (LDAP).  However, if it is the user's first login attempt, the database entry is created, but the name and email fields are not filled out with data from the directory.


      It would be nice if it did, especially because the LDAP logs clearly show that Clearspace specifically asked for the cn and mail attributes.  These attributes do exist and the Clearspace LDAP user does have access to them.  If I perform identical searches myself, the attributes are returned successfully.



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          hi Todd,


          When the system is configured against LDAP, we always load the email address and name from LDAP, never from the database. The problem is that these other users haven't set their email address and name as visible, which means you can't search for them.  For your existing users, you can go to the admin console and change the visibility settings for email and name individually, but for new users you can set the following system properties:






          both to 'true'.


          After you do that any new users will automatically have their email and name visible.