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    Building a custom rpm install



      wondering if anyone can help with this. We are currently developing several customizations around a vanilla instance of Jive 6 (the development is ongoing on windows... ). We would like to package this to be deployed on a test Centos server. I see that I can deploy a new instance using an rpm. How can I go about building an rpm install package? Are there any other ways of deploying our customizations (themes, plugins and custom war).



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          I'd be quite keen on finding out more about this too - as the default rpm misses some of our internal standards and needs some tweaking.

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            I'd like to understand a bit more about your use cases. Part of the reason is that we are moving away from plugins as the mechanism to perform extensions. Instead of a custom RPM, I'd encourage you to use sandbox.jiveon.com (you can get an account here) and build an app. This will ensure there is a clean, upgrade safe way to get to the cloud.


            If you can't do what you need to using our API and app framework, then this is a good indication of where we need to improve.

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                I'm not sure it's a matter of anything to do with plugins.


                Our unix infrastructure is all backed with AD authentication - so the fact that the RPM creates a local user to run the services as is a violation of our standards for a start.


                There are probably others too, but I've not delved deeply into everything the RPM does yet.

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                Hi Pastor Jome Akpoduado ,

                I know I am very late on this one but guess I can help you(or route you) on this one.
                I think we can have other other custom ways of deploying the custom changes to your instance. Let me know if you are still looking out for this solution ?