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    Basic Installation of Standalone Help

      Totally new to installation of java apps and having difficulty getting eval up and running.


      1) I do not understand where to locate the various folders/files, trying to put them all in inetpub/wwwroot on local windows box running SBS 2003/IIS.


      2) Not able to find the setup tool and hence the set jive home process (created the setjivehome.bat, but then what?).


      3) Can this standalone eval coexist with the coldfusion mx and .net eval apps that are also running on this server?


      Any assistance is very much appreciated.

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          hi Joe,


          The standalone evaluation you downloaded can be configured to run behind IIS but by default it runs as part of Apache Tomcat, which is servlet container similar to the ColdFusion application server.  I suggest you that you unzip the contents of the standalone evaluation you downloaded to something like:




          and then you should be able to get everything started by double clicking on the 'start-clearspace.bat' file which should live in the c:\clearspace.  You should then be able to access / evaluate / setup Clearspace by going to:




          If I remember correctly, ColdFusion runs on port 8080, so you might want to stop the ColdFusion service before you start Clearspace.


          If you continue to use Clearspace and you want to have it live behind IIS, you'll want to check out the Tomcat connector documentation for IIS: