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    Need to change my URL



      I just signed up for a trial and the Jive URL used my email address domain, which is not what I had wanted. My login is: alissa.knight@londonandknight.com and the URL is: londonandknight.jiveon.com

      However, I wanted my URL to be: poolsidecapital.jiveon.com


      Please make this change for me?



      Alissa Knight

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          John Schwiller

          I dont think they can change the domain (yet) - we asked about a rename and were told it was months off to be able to do that.


          I also think that their governance requires you to have an email domain for the desired site name. However you can probably buy poolsidecapital.XXX.XXX if you don't own poolsidecapital.com. Things may changed on this though since May when we started