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    Create "sticky" documents that always display first?

      Hi, Our users would like their most important documents to always be displayed at the top of their content (re: the "All" and "Documents" tabs). An important document would be one that informs much of the activity within the space.


      The most recent additions to the space would ideally display beneath the "sticky" document(s) at the top.


      What is the best way to do this?


      Thanks again,


        • Re: Create "sticky" documents that always display first?

          hi Jeff,


          The easiest way to do it right now would be to create an announcement that links to those documents. If you're a system admin / community admin, you should have the ability to create an announcement in the sidebar.


          If you don't have many communities, you could also create a theme for each community, override /template/global/community.ftl and manually put in a div with links to the appropriate documents and then map each theme to the relevant communities.