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    Way to define print area for wiki documents?

      Hi, Is there a way to define the print area so that only part of a wiki document prints?


      For example, a table of upcoming projects is being maintained in wiki form. At the top are a few paragraphs of instructions. The table must be printed out for meetings, but we would like to not include the instructions paragraphs in the print-out.




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          hi Jeff,


          I think you can do this with a little bit of work on your part.  First, you'll need to have the instructions in the document surrounded by a div, something like this:


          <div class="instructions">

          These are the instructions, etc..



          and then you'll need to create a theme and override /template/decorator/default/print.ftl, adding the following custom CSS:






          (you wouldn't want to add the above CSS to /template/global/custom-css.ftl because then it would show up on every page and you wouldn't be able to see if when you viewed the document in your browser)


          Let me know if that works!