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    How to paste Word content into a wiki without carriage returns inserted?

      When I paste a from a Word document into a wiki document using the Word paste function, extra carriage returns show up in the paste from Word window.  These show up in the wiki version after the 'insert' command.


      I can manually delete the extra carriage returns from either the Word paste window or from the wiki after inserting, and all the text will 'look' ok.


      After publishing, however, there are random carriage returns inserted in every line of text.  These CRs can show up after the first word or the nth - and more than one CR can show up in a text string.  I have to re-open the document and manually remove each of the CRs.  This mostly works, though often new random CRs get inserted on save so it's a bit of an iterative process.


      Is there a way to paste from Word and avoid this CR insertion?


      We're on v.1.1.0.  I use Word 2003 (11.8125.8122 - SP2) and FF