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    Add Jive Forums data to an existing Clearspace

      We are using Jive Forums at the moment.


      And we are considering to migrate them to Clearspace once the automatic migration will appear (in 1.2?). But we would like to start using Clearspace right now on another new project.


      Will it be possible to add our current Jive data (users, forums, etc) to this existing Clearspace installation later using the migration mechanism?


      Thanks in advance.



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          We cannot guarantee that the ability to import content into an existing Clearspace instance will work with the migration tool that's in the works. We do understand that it's an important feature and we'll do our best to get it in but right now we're focussing on providing the ability to migrate from forums/kb/integrated into a fresh Clearspace/Clearspace X instance.





          Bruce Ritchie

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              Any ideas when this next version of Clearcase will be available?


              The import/export feature is critical for us as well.



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                  Hi JimiB,


                  The 1.2 release of cs/csx is scheduled for release in late June,  The 1.3 release is for end of July.  We have committed to get the migration scripts into 1.3.  We  are working very hard to get them in 1.2 but that has not been determined for sure yet.




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                      Any news about the import functionality availability? We have also needs to import documents from external system to existing community. Also possibility to update existing document with new content using import functionality would be usefull for us.





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                          Clearspace 1.3+ includes functionality to import data from our other products. I would recommend using the latest Clearspace 1.4 release for this.


                          A few notes on this:


                          1. Upgrading from Integrated/Forums 5.0.x can cause issues with old content being intepreted incorrectly because of conflicts between the old markup syntax and the new wiki-style syntax used in Clearspace. We're working on a fix for this for Clearspace 1.6 (in fact I'm testing it right now)

                          2. The jiveAnswer table is not currently being migrated. This should be resolved in Clearspace 1.6.


                          Importing documents from a file system directory was available in Clearspace 1-1.2 but was accidentally removed in Clearspace 1.3. It'll be readded for Clearspace 1.6. Importing from other systems is possible with custom code - the import framework we've written was designed to be extensible.





                          Bruce Ritchie