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    How can we not show username in profile url?


      For security reasons I don't want the username to show up automatically in the profile url of a member, like the way it is now in our Jive community.

      How can I change this?


      From a privacy and security point of view I found it odd that this is a default setting, because the username is 50% of the login data (password the other 50%). Besides that, often people use their e-mail address as a username. If they don't want to show everyone their e-mail address that's not possible because it shows up automatically in their profile url as well.  


      Can anyone help me on this one? And what's your opinion about this?




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          Most web mail applications use the mail address as login, so they have the same security problem.

          First name and other profile fields were added afaik later and are now used to display the profile/vcard. So using the user name in the url was and is much better than using the userid. Directly accessing the profile page is very easy using the name - and users prefer not to be a number.

          I wonder why users choose the same username and email address - maybe one should disallow @ within the name.