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    @mentioning blogs?


      Is it possible to @mention blogs?  I know that they show up if I try to link to content within jive and I search for blogs, but I can't seem to @mention them.  Is this a bug, or do people not need to link to blogs like Jive Release Blog very often?

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          Hey Elly, mentions should notify people tracking the blog in their inbox that the blog was mentioned. Here's what I see in my inbox from your mention of the Jive Release Blog:

          2  Inbox   Jive Community.png


          Are you seeing something different on your site or here on the Jive Community?

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              My question is more about the action of actually @mentioning the blog.  For example, unlike other content/places in the jive community when I type "@jive_release_blog" the blog does not come up as a selectable option for @mentioning.  However, it appear that if I use the linking tool in the content editor and search for the blog that it acts like an @mention. 

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                  This is actually a really good question . Looking at our search documentation, there are a bunch of things happening:

                  • @mentioning takes what you type and adds a wildcard to the end (like spotlight search)
                  • No stemming like in full search
                  • @mentioning searches just the title (of content or places) and username, name and email of users

                  Still, if the blog's name is unique enough, I would expect it to show up in the results for mentioning. I've asked some of the search team for some additional help looking into why blogs might be hard to mention.