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    Switching between editors breaks links and Version Comparison problems




      I did add a simple relative link within the normal text editor (default: rich text editor) using HTML markup like «a href="/foo"»Foo«/a». Editing a published article may break the whole code to look like /foo.

      I'm using ClearspaceX 1.1.1, so this should be the current version with an external HSQL database.


      What I intended to do was to create a link with title attribute to another document by writing simply DOC-1001 as it works in the IgniteRealtime forum for JM-123 issues. One could want to add such a feature.




      "Version Comparison" seems to compare only the content and not the title of the document and not the space.

      So if a document is moved around no new version is created and it may be impossible  to find out where it was created.

      If the title is changed a new version without diff information is created, the old title is no more visible.