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    searching and tags.




      I did create some new Spaces named "JVM", Spark" and "Openfire" (by the way this forum still has "Wildfire" in the menu list ("Home Clearspace Wildfire ... Logout").

      So every document I create within "Spark" is in one way related to Spark, or at least this was my intention. I did not add "Spark" to the tags lists so the search engine has some problems to find them. Searching for "spark locale" finds as

      1st document "spark JVM settings (in JVM)" with tags: "spark" and as

      2nd document "Language Settings (in Spark)" with tags: "language locale region". And before them a link to Community Spark is displayed, but there one may get lost.


      I could add a tag "spark" to all documents in the Spark space to improve the ranking but this seems to be a little bit silly. Is there another way to do this?


      Or is it possible to create a simple link "Search for 'locale' in (space/community) 'Spark'"?


      While you really like the CSS show/hide stuff and "(+) More Options"; "Where: Spark"; "Search" is enough to find the relevant documents some users may fail to see/use this function.



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          Hi it2000,


          <Or is it possible to create a simple link "Search for 'locale' in (space/community) 'Spark'"?>

          You can extend the application yourself to add this functionality, or our Professional Services can do it for you.


          The way to perform a more specific search is as you have found, through the '(+) More Options' area.