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    How network friendly (bandwidth) is Clearspace?

      Hi, We have staff in low bandwidth environments. We're wondering how network friendly (in terms of bandwidth) Clearspace is, especially compared to Sharepoint and Drupal. Have you done any measurements? Do you have any data on this?




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          We've tried to make Clearspace as cache friendly as possible to help reduce page load times. Some of the work we've taken for this is to use cacheable CSS for styling pages (reducing overall page weight), compressing javascript on some pages (browser supporting), and setting Last-Modified headers and etags on resources served by Clearspace.


          Saying that we don't currently compress the generated html because of issues we've run into with some application servers. It's quite possible to compress the html however with the addition of a gzip compressing servlet filter such as http://sourceforge.net/projects/pjl-comp-filter and a few small changes to the web.xml configuration.




          Bruce Ritchie