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    Jive 6.0 UI Customization



      We currently are running 4.5 but i have a separate instance of Jive 6.0 to try and customize.

      I have used the "Customize your site" function to get the basic background, fonts, colors and logos But when I download the Theme Resource Kit to try do somthing more complicated I don't seem to be able to download what I have already customized.


      Also is it best to edit the CSS styles to move the position of the Nav or Search bar?





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          Michael Ramirez,

          This is a great question and I'm admittedly a bit unfamiliar with the inner workings of our Theme Resource Kit. Per this thread, I'm going to reach out to Amy Stewart to see if she knows any more about this or if she can point us in the right direction.

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            Hi Michael,


            The ability to theme the product via the resource kit has been removed from the front end in 6.x. This was done in order to support safe upgrades, which now happen several times a year automatically for our cloud edition. If you wish to make structural/visual changes to the UI beyond what the theming tool provides, it must be done through the admin console now.


            Please let me know if you have any more questions about this.