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    Joining a Community


      When I create a new subspace (on the "Community Creation - Step 2" page in the Clearspace admin interface at /clearspace/admin/community-wizard.jspa), I get a choice of four types of communities.  In the descriptions for these (excerpted below), it describes applying to join a community or being invited by existing members.  But I don't see any of that functionality in the Clearspace 1.1 demo I downloaded.  What's the story?  Thanks!!




      OPEN: This choice makes joining your community very fast and easy, as no authorization is required by the founder to become a full member. Anyone who joins an open community can begin participating immediately.


      RESTRICTED: This setting allows people invited by existing members to join and participate right away. General applications, who havent been invited, must wait for approval by community administrators.


      PRIVATE: This option locks down the community so that administrators must first approve each and every applicant. It is ideal for communities containing highly sensitive information or those whose members are carefully selected.


      INHERITED: This option inherits all permissions from the parent community.

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          Hey rdellimmagine,


          The story is that the 'functionality' you are looking for is kind of behind the scenes.  When you choose a type of community (open, restricted, private, or inherited) you are actually choosing the initial permissions for the space.  


          Example: Settings of Restricted vs. Private


          Restricted: Navigating with Admin Console to Spaces -> restrictedSpac -> Permissions -> Space Permissions you will see red x's in the 'anyone' users and green check marks for most of the 'registered users'


          Private:   Navigating with Admin Console to Spaces -> privateSpac -> Permissions -> Space Permissions you will see red x's in the 'anyone' users and in the 'registered users'


          So the 'functionality' is the permissions set up for the community.




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            hi rdellimmagine,


            I think the language on those options is off: we don't have a feature that gives users the ability to 'invite' another user or 'approve' a user.  I created an issue to change the language:




            Thanks for pointing it out!