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    Where is the moderation queue?

      I don't know if this is a bug or I just can't figure out where the moderation queue is.


      I turned on "report abuse" with a threshold of 1.

      I reported some abuse.

      Where did my threads go?

      I don't see them under the admin interface.

      admin > Communities > Management > Discussion Management

      I then turned on a Moderation queue for my Space/Community.

      I reported some more abuse for that Space.

      I don't see any moderation queue.

      I then submitted a thread. The system told me it needed to be moderated.

      I don't see any moderation queue in the admin interface.


      Where is the moderation queue? I suspect it's there but I don't see it.

      This is Clearspace X 1.1.1

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          Hey jtroyer,


          The moderation queue you are searching for is no longer within the admin console.  It has been moved out to the moderators own clearspaceX page.


          After setting the moderation option within the selected Space/Community via the admin console, go ahead and submit a thread.


          Then, to get to the moderation queue, login to ClearspaceX as the admin -> Go to your profile (either by clicking on avatar, or by navigating Your Stuff -> Profile) -> On right side of page under 'Actions' you should see 'Moderation'.

          That is where the threads that are awaiting moderation should be.