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      I want to make the guest can view my clearspace, right now, user must register first


      can help?


      i just insipred by igniterealtime website, is it clearspace?



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          Hey Frans,


          This is done via permissions from the admin console. Navigating to Admin Console -> Spaces -> Permissions, you will see the access permissions for 'anyone' (guests).  By placing a green check in the 'view space' column, your space will be able to be viewed by anyone/guests.




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              I've been experiencing the same issue the parent had.  I am using Clearspace 1.1.1, however I had the same issue with 1.1.0.


              Here is what I did:

              1. Navigated to Admin Console -> Communities ->  Community Permissions

              2. Guest users given "View Space", "Read Document", and "Read Comment" permissions


              Even with those permissions explicitly set, my users are still presented with the login page instead of the open community.