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    Private parent, public child gives unauthorized links

      "Doc, it hurts when I do this."

      "Don't do that."


      Desired outcome: parent spaces used to organize child spaces like categories, but never used to read or write to, either by users or admins (We're trying to organize 25+ spaces.)


      What I tried:

      - A (public)

      - B (all red X's -- nothing readable by anybody)


      B1 (public)


      What I got:

      - B shows up in Space list on home page, breadcrumbs in B1, and on Browse menu.  If the user selects B in any of these cases, goes to 'Unauthorized' page.

      - B does not show up select list when you select New > Discussion, so B1 appears to be a child of A.


      What I might specify if I were a Jive product manager:

      - B would show up on those places, but not be clickable.

      - I don't know how to handle the second case gracefully

      - In any case, I'd try to protect users from shooting themself like this


      What I'm going to do instead:

      Make B a read-only space and change B's template to be simply a list of subspaces like B1 (ie, emulate a category)