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    Rich Text Editor

      We are attempting to deploy Clearspace in our organization and are ready to purchase 25 licenses, but we continually are running into problems with the WYSIWYG editor


      We are evaluating Clearspace 1.1.1


      Our users are not tech savvy and wiki syntax is a little tough to push onto them. All of our organization's users are upgraded to the newest version of Firefox.


      A large percentage of documents are corrupted when switching between Rich Text, Plain Text & Preview views. Tables generated in the WYSIWYG view are blown apart and the resulting document contains bits of <TABLE> code, wiki code and other random HTML tags.


      Less critical but equally annoying issues such as formatting inconsistancies between Rich Text, Preview & the actual document published have driven my users not to use the system.


      I really want this to work - I love everything else about Clearspace. I am hoping someone can guide us towards resolution. So far, I have not seen anything to suggest resolution on the forum. I'm crossing my fingers.


      I am more than willing to post a bug for this matter, but I cannot produce any specific cases that describe what caused the issue other than: "Creating Document With Clearspace".


      *A rich text editor that is functional is the key to success of your collaboration tool. If you cannot create a document that people can read, the software is useless. *

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          Hi there,


          Not trying to rock the boat here, but I would like to second that opinion.  We are in a slightly different position here because most of our Clearspace users will be readers, not authors, and won't have to deal with the Rich Text Editor at all.  


          But since I'm the lucky one who gets to generate most of the content, I'm a little frustrated with the way the rich text editor works as well.  In particular, the formating related to line breaks and carriage returns seems inconsistent and unpredictable.  So I've essentially stopped using the rich text part and just author everything in the plain text view since I don't really mind learning the special codes etc.




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            Add my vote to getting this fixed too. My users have been spoiled by the Knowledge

            Base WYSIWYG editor. The Clearspace concept is great but until the editor works at

            least as well as the one in KB, I can't sell it.

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              Hey eeeprom and others,


              We've been working to report and fix the errors seen when working with the RTE, do you have any specific examples of input that break when switching between the views?


              Thanks for your exploration,


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                  OK I have one. I was creating a blog entry. I typed in a paragraph and went back to

                  top of the paragraph and added a heading (H4) above it. I pressed the "Save and Continue" button and it turned the entire paragraph into a heading. However, I am

                  unable to reproduce the error when I repeat the above procedure.


                  By the way, inline images feature is a must have for us.

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                  One specific instance I observed with one of our users is he was creating a table in the RTE. When he went to preview it and everything looked as it did in the RTE. He then clicked "Publish". In the resulting document, the table was completely blown apart. There were chunks of HTML ( "<TABLE><TR><TD>..." ) and bits of wiki code ( "||, |" ) for defining tables. This was how it looked when viewing the document, editing it in the RTE or Plain Text editor.


                  It took the user about an hour to clean up that mess.


                  I will probe my users for more information.



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                    we aren't happy with the editor either, its difficult to pinpoint the exact issues, but (say) adding basic centred bold text with '<' as header text, followed by unordered list (bullets), cut&paste a basic table from another doc.. these all work fine in, and can be changed around with problems. Once I Publish the format is entirely screwed, the obvious problem is that the actual underlying markup suddenly becomes part of the visible document text. And the bullets now show as basic '*' characters. And the centering is gone. This is unworkable.


                    I'm at the point of considering dropping clearspace before we've dedicated too much time and content to it and move to an alternative. Unless there is a rapid turn around to fix the basic edit function.


                    You also dont support importing moin pages (do you??) with '= header =' and so on. This is a big problem if I'm to move shop to clearspace. I also dont see any Help links off any page, not good.