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    People Search Issues

      I have a few issues with People search:


      1. This bug is critical to us: admins must be able to search by user email, even if the user has marked it private. I may be a special case, but I have 300K users, none of whom can ever remember their usernames.




      2. In my CSX 1.1.1, Name is indexed in a case-sensitive manner. "john" won't work, but "John" will. Searching for names should be case-insensitive.


      3. It would be more intuitive if the user fields were indexed in both split by word delimiter and unsplit forms so I that could search just for john, not john*, or example.com, not *@example.com.


      4. In general, the People search page seems a bit fragile when I was hitting stop and back a lot. It would sometimes go into a state where the search button was greyed out. Once the button was there but it wasn't returning results. Reloading the original URL would fix the problem.



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          Hey John,


          I have elevated the severity of the bugs you referenced to give them more focus from the development team.


          As for your issues 2 & 3 changing our search indexing is a large task, and at this time the customer pool that would like this changed is too small for action.


          Can you reproduce the issues you are having with the people search consistently? Are there steps to reproduce these so that we can take care of these bugs?




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              For issue #1:

              1. Create a user with a unique Name that does not share any words with their username or email:

              Username: johndoe

              Email: johndoe@company.com

              Name: James Doe


              In either the admin and user-facing People search:


              2. Search for "james*"

              Expected: get back James Doe user in results

              Observed: no results


              3. Search for "James*"

              Expected: get back James Doe user in results

              Observed: as expected


              For issue #4:

              I can't reproduce the error consistently. If I notice it again, I will let you know.