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    Migrating Data HSQL to MSQL

      We started off using an evaluation copy of ClearspaceX 1.1.1 using the default option of the HSQL database. We have now purchased a Clearsspace license 1.2 and implemented it with MySQL.


      Are there any methods to migrate the data from the evaluation database? The most valuable items are the documents (& attachements), discussions & blogs.



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          Hey Magpie,


          Unfortunately there is no migration path between databases.


          Sorry for the inconvenience, but the evaluation database is strictly for the evaluation process.



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              I was told by an account manager that everything I was doing in the evaluation version would be accessible and work once I purchased the license...nothing would change.  Are we now being told that everything we've done during eval has to be recreated?

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                  Hi Carrie,


                  Essentially nothing would change if you were on an evaluation license and then purchased a license if you were using a robust database. The evaluation database supplied is described as an "embedded database that is suitable for evaluation and testing."


                  I'm sorry for the inconvenience that this miscommunication has caused.



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                      I'm in the same boat.  I was just experimenting with it for a while and gradually started getting internal buyin.  At the point we purchased seats I had enough content in HSQL that it would be have been a pain to start over.  I had hoped you guys would provide an upgrade script.

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                          Playing devil's advocate (as well as victim), I can understand the predicament of the situation. An early decision to take the easier option to accept the default evaluation database, can have nasty consequences.  A big advisory warning message might help.


                          On the one hand, a quick start is needed to remove barriers to evaluating the product. However, manual migration (I've done a lot of cut & paste) is a real pain.


                          As it turns out, I'm not that bothered about migrating the whole database. The structure was not 'designed' but was an experiment. It's the individual data elements that I really needed. Selected export of data (Documents, Blogs, Discussions, including authors and dates) is what I really need.

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                              Ugh... I'm in the same boat.  I'm currently evaluating Clearspace and we have a lot of docs up there to show people how this tool will be effective.  I have no access to the product database until I move it into the prod environment too... .so it isn't even an option.


                              This could be a show stopper for me right here.  If I can't move this data, then I will probably continue the evaluation across to another solution altogether as I have to do the exercise anyhow.  I am already spotting things that I don't like, but could live with.  So this would probably make that cross the line.

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                        Actually, according to the HSQLDB documentation, there is a transfer tool.




                        However, as stated in the link above, as of HSQL 1.8 it is no longer part of hsqldb.jar.  Instead, hsqldbutil.jar needs to be built to gain access to that tool.

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                            Hi All,


                            I have some good news! We are going to be releasing a version (1.6) in a week that will allow you to migrate any database to another database.


                            This will allow the following series of events to happen (example):

                            1.2 Clearspace with HSQL

                            Upgrade to 1.6 Clearspace with HSQL

                            Migrate HSQL -> MySQL


                            This should surely help in your situations, Cheers,


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                                And the crowd goes wild!!!

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                                    A few questions with the migration options:


                                    1) I have a 1.6 instance running and when I look at the upgrade options it doesn't have a hsql option.   Do you have a sample configuration setting for hsql migration?

                                    2) Once I configure the database options will it migrate a 1.2 hsql to a 1.6 schema?

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                                        When you are upgrading, you should be using the same database as before. So, you should upgrade your 1.2 instance to 1.6 (do not need to deal with any database stuff yet, just run through the upgrade tasks). Then, after getting 1.6 up and running, then you will want to migrate your data to the database of your choice.


                                        You are correct in stating that we do not have an HSQL option to migrate to and that is because the migration tool is one for upgrading purposes, and since the evaluation HSQL database is merely for evaluation, it is not offered as a choice there.


                                        Let me know if you have any further questions,


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                                          hi rmonge,


                                          Once I configure the database options will it migrate a 1.2 hsql to a 1.6 schema?

                                          Just to be clear, the database migration will actually work from any supported database to any supported non-HSQL database so we don't actually look at the jive.script file that backs the HSQL database. We query using JDBC and then insert using JDBC.