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    anonymous discussion errors in version 1.2


      I found two issues with discussion threads and anonymous users. A minor one is if I

      allow anonymous users to create new threads in a Space, it still has the message:


      +    You can't create discussion threads here,

          but as discussions appear they might have

          answers you need.+


      in the Overview tab. But right next to it in the Actions box you can see the Start

      discussion  link.


      So if the anonymous user starts a new thread, the admin console throws an

      exception when you try to manage the discussions for the same Space. Seems to be

      OK if a real user starts the thread and anonymous replies.


      Here's part of the stack trace:


      1. Status Code: 500

      2. Exception Type: null

      3. Error Message:

      4. Request URI: /clearspace/admin/manage-threads.jspa

      5. Stack Trace:



      • freemarker.core.TemplateObject.assertNonNull(TemplateObject.java:124)






      1. freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression thread.user is undefined on line 111, column 14 in template/global/admin/manage-threads.ftl.



      Also, anonymous users cannot vote in polls. Create works but no vote.


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