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    User Interface Inconsistency around Sub-communities


      On http://<server-name>:8080/clearspacex/community/feeds?communityID=<id>,

      sub-communities are in the About box above Actions in the right column.


      On http://<server-name>:8080/clearspacex/community/<community-name>, sub-communities are listed in the sub-communities box in the center pane.


      Ok, I guess this is pretty minor, but there you go.  I actually preferred the 1.1 version, where the list of sub-communities appeared in the right nav just underneath the Actions box.  The problem with having it in the center pane is that if you have a long list of communities, you have to click the collapse (minus-sign) icon to see the actual content.  Again, this is also fairly minor.  That said, our design is to keep the list of sub-communities in the right column.