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    LDAP Integration Causing IMMENSE slow downs!!

      Hey guys!


      I'd been playing with Clearspace on SuSE and had run into it taking 5+ seconds per page load. One of my co-workers had it installed on Windows and was seeing no such slow down so I figured that it was most likely something with the SuSE client.


      I now have installed it on another Windows box only to run into the SAME slow downs I saw on SuSE. Once I reinstalled it without the AD tie in it worked perfectly. No more 5+ seconds per page load or click.


      While I wouldn't have a problem with an initial login time where it verifies things with the AD, I'm a bit baffled as to why it would continue to be that slow on going.


      I've tried switching from the embedded database to a standard MYSQL or SQL Server but neither of those had any positive affects on the speed.


      Did I do something stupid when I installed the server? Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this type of slow down?