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    Firefox Brwoswe - Document Editing


      Firefox /Windows/Clearspace 1.2.0


      Despite trying what ever browser security options I select, I can't get the text editor to support any javascripts that use pop-ups screens e.g. links, spellings ect.

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          If you install firebug, it may tell you what javascript errors are going wrong.


          If you are receiving some, what are they?



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              Thanks - I have temporarily resolved by going back to Firefox 1.5, after

              repeatable trying to uninstall/re-install 2.0. However, on the last

              re-install, I cleared absolutely everything out.  I will re-attempt

              using 2.0 later (as it worked on another computer) and use firebug as



              This feels like a local installation issue, rather than a server

              environment or product issue.