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    Difference between Permission levels

      What is the difference between system admin, space admin, user admin, group admin, and moderate content?  (I am using ClearspaceX 1.2)


      I can't find anything in the documentation that clearly lays out the specific things people can do when they have these permissions. I need to determine the appropriate levels for my staff members and volunteer moderators.

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          Hi Kellie,


          System Admin: Ability to change everything in the admin console. Also has the privileges of every admin/moderator setting below.

          Space Admin: Can change the space settings via admin console. Also has privileges of those below.

          User / Group Admin: User: Can add/delete users (not groups), etc via admin console. Group: Can add/delete groups (not users), etc via admin console. DO NOT have privileges of moderate content (below)

          Moderate Content: Have the ability to delete, move, etc in the forums.