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    Localhost appears in url

      I have installed Clearspace on a windows 2003 server running IIS and apache using the J2ee sun java sdk.


      When I click on a link in the GUI document editor (such as add hyperlink) I get a popup that goes to a localhost url.  I am accessing the page from an external address:



      But when I click the editor functions it goes to:



      I am new too apache and Sun so any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Best Regards,


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          Hey Brian,


          Not sure if this is the problem, but if you go into your Clearspace Admin console and select the System / System Properties view, what is the value you have for your jiveURL property?  Is it pointing at localhost?


          When I first set Clearspace up, I noticed some general weirdness like this when viewing documents. 


          Just something to check...