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    What does "Participating" actually mean?


      We're running Jive 5.0.2 and have CMR installed.

      In a group with 7 pieces of content - authored by two people, none of which are visible from the overview page, there are 51 members, 52 followers, no comments and 4 likes in total (spread across two pieces of content). There are 76 views of all the content in the group. We've switched off ratings in our on-prem installation. The group was created on Nov 6th and today is Nov 13th.


      However, the User Adoption Chart in the Reports tab says there are 37 active, 10 participating and 1 contributing. In the CSV file downloaded, users who aren't even members or followers of the group are listed as participants, and when we visit their profiles, nothing comes up under 'Participated content'.


      What could the possible explanation be for this?

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          A few things that might be going on:

          • A user definitely does not have to be a member of a Group to be active/participating/contributing in that Group.  It depends on what the person does in the Group.  (Secret Groups are an exception, of course, because only members can view stuff or do anything.)
          • When content is moved or deleted there can things that are not obvious -- e.g. if I Like a document that is later deleted I should still be Participating
          • Joining a social group is considered an 'edit' of that group and so does make someone a Participating User of that group (for 30 days).
          • Looking in the profile will help you see where a user made comments but generally Likes are not reflected in a users' activity stream


          I hope this helps,