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    Stability Issues 1.3

      Hi, we have been having some stability issues with version 1.3.  We are running on redhat 5 with Tomcat 6.  Are there any known issues on that platform?

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          We have not had any stability issues reported with your environment, what are your symptoms? Do you error logs contain anything relevant?



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              Ok.  We are importing data, creating themes, etc, so those actions might be causing our issues, I just wanted to make sure there were't any known issues with our environment.


              We're getting a lot of blank pages, connection timeouts, and odd display issues, they mostly fix with a restart.


              More troubling, we are always seeing blank pages when creating a discussion or posting a reply, refreshing 3 times will make the thread finally post.  I suspect this is related to data import.  When we're importing thread we increment jiveid #1 by 1, and for the message, jiveid #2 by 1.  Is there another jiveid that we are missing or somewhere else we should be looking?