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    Customize Spaces Icons



      What is the best way to customize the icons for multiple Spaces?


      For example, the default look for each Space is to have a globe icon, and each subcategory has a smaller globe icon.  I would like to give each Space its own individual icon, and perhaps the subcategories, also.


      It appears that there is no way to set things up within the admin area so that you could tie an individual icon with a Space... Is it all or nothing with the jive-communitylist-med and jive-communitylist-sm tags, or is there something that I am overlooking?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I've taken a look at the code, and it is not a simple customization to do what you would like. As it is written it is all or nothing, basically written in a for loop with the same image assigned to each.


          This could be done for you by our Professional Services department.




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              Hi Will,


              Thank you for the response.


              Is this something that perhaps we could handle in house?  I feel we could probably get it to work, if you could point me in the right direction.  Perhaps a tweaked for loop that could output jive-communitylist-med1, jive-communitylist-med2... jive-communitylist-sm1, jive-communitylist-sm2... for example?


              Thank you in advance,



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                  The communities are displayed via the file 'community.ftl' in the area of <div class="jive-communities-listing"> and the loop is <#list community.communities as community>


                  And in the listings there is the attribute "class="jive-communitylist-sm">" which refers to the CSS file jive-community.css where it defines the graphic to use there,



                  Hope this helps, good luck,