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    Regarding Dashboards in jive6

      Hi Jivers,


      Recently we have upgraded to jive6. when I test it in admin console I could not find the tab called "Reporting" which is there in jive4.0.x. Instead of that we have a tab called "App" and there also we could not find the dashboards. But we need dashboards for presentation purpose. So could you please help us in finding the dash boards.


      Thanks for your great help in advance..




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          Uh-oh. The dashboard for apps got pulled, assuming that you are referring to the Apps Dashboard. The built in Jive reporting (the reporting tab you refer to) was pulled as well. The is an Analytics Plugin that we used to solve this same problem and it is actually more in-depth than the built in Jive analytics.

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              Putting a bit more detail behind Greg's answer...

              In Jive 6 we fundamentally changed the paradigm of how you interact with Apps. We introduced the !App experiences so that we could deliver an app to the user in context. This made the need for a dashboard obsolete. You still have canvas view, which is the large interactive, full page experience of the app.