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    Knowlege Base import questions


      I am testing out the import function for Knowledge Base and I have a couple of questions:


      The documents that get created are all owned by Guest. How do I reset the owner or author?


      Also, no attachments came over. How do I transfer the attachments and reassociate them with the original documents?

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          I believe that attachments should migrate on the import, did you receive any errors during the import?


          Which version of KB is this?



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              This is KB ver 1.6.2. I go lots of user not found errors. I have to say that this import

              function will not work for us anyway since it requires an unmodified installation of

              Clearspace. I really need a way to select KB Categories or Documents and move

              them into a Clearspace instance that is already in use.

              Any chance of that happening?