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    Advanced Search "More Options" window closes yet still applies to search

      Hi, We're on Clearspace 1.3. We're having some issues with the advanced search ("More Options") because the "More Options" window closes when the results are displayed, and because the same search parameters still apply to subsequent searches using this searchbox.


      We realize this is a design decision, but nevertheless would like to express our concerns.


      1. We believe it is valuable to show what is being filtered so that we know why we are getting these results for our search. If I filter by tag group or document filetype, the filter is still displayed along with the results--but the advanced search works differently.


      2. In the Advanced Search there are 2 searchboxes on the same screen. After the first advanced search we are supposed to assume the search parameters for the center searchbox are the same as the previous search (which is not obvious to us). But the top right search box still searches All Content. For a second search, the "More Options" window is still closed, so there are then 2 searchboxes on the screen searching different things, but nothing to indicate this.


      3. The user can easily forget what their search parameters were. They also may not realize that the parameters still apply to subsequent searches and get confused by the results they get.


      4. When the More Options box is open, the link to close it again says "Fewer Options". This seems to suggest that once the box is closed, the "More Options" we selected earlier will no longer apply.


      So basically, we are thinking that when the advanced search applies to search results or to subsequent searches, the "More Options" window should stay open. Any comments greatly appreciated.