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    Out-of-office messages from thread watches

      In Clearspace 1.3, a person with a watch can inadvertently have their Out of Office message be posted in the forums:


      Case in point, Jive's own Alex Wenckus here:


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          hi John,


          We do have some logic for catching those, it's imperfect though. The problem is that there isn't a standard email 'out of office' header so what we've done so far is to parse the subject of any incoming emails using the following regex:


          private final Pattern outOfOffice = Pattern.compile("(out of office)|(autoreply)|(auto-reply)|(auto reply)", Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);


          We might be able to improve that a bit by also looking at the body, but if we get too aggressive (as this thread is a prime example) we'll lose messages. 


          The logic for this functionality lives in com.jivesoftware.community.mail.spi.DefaultIntegrationProvider, have a look if you're interested and we'd love to hear any ideas you have about making this better.