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    Serious IE6 bug

      We're about to deploy 1.3 and have found a serious IE6 bug. On the home page, in the "What's new" pane there is a "your view" link. If I click the link, I get a "Customize Your View" Pane. Inside that pane is a "Edit your view" link. In IE6, if I click that link, it hangs IE6 completely. The only way out is to kill the process. This feature (surprise, surprise) works OK in Firefox and IE7.


      How much IE6 testing do you do? Personally, I think IE6 (and IE7) are worthless browsers and prefer Firefox. However, there is still 80% of world still using IE6.


      It might be worth doing some more rigorous IE6 testing.





      I've got some more info on this bug. After testing some more, it started working on the home page. Then as I continued to test, I found that I can reliably get it to fail by going to the next page of "What's New" (by clicking the More link at the bottom). Then on this second page, if I click "Edit your view", IE6 locks up tight. Any chance someone can take a look at this?

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          hi Doug,


          On the core engineering team every one of us tests on IE6, IE7, Firefox and Safari (although we all mostly prefer Firefox and Safari as you can imagine).  With that said, I just checked out our intranet, which is running 1.4 using IE6 and I'm not seeing any problems at all. 


          Is there any chance you've done some customizations via CSS and you've used CSS expressions? I know that can cause IE6 to freeze up sometimes.