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    Avatars and Status levels not displaying


      I'm a pretty new user to clearspace and have recently setup an evaluation version for my company.  I've got Clearspace 1.3 running under Tomcat / Apache / MySQL and I've noticed a couple of things that don't seem to be working.  Specifically, on the user profile page, the image that shows status level is not showing up, and if you go to the Change Avatar page only the one generic avatar shows up.


      Before installing the WAR version under Tomcat (to be able to server it through our Apache server) I had installed the standalone version using the builtin database and that worked fine.


      Is there something I missed in configuring for Tomcat and MySQL that might be causing this problem?

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          hi Brad,


          Have you set the headless setting in Tomcat?




          Scroll down to the section titled "Headless Server". 


          Is there anything in your log files?





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              Thanks for the advice AJ.  I had not set the headless setting, but it doesn't appear to be fixing the problem.  I added it to the Tomcat startup settings and it looks like it is now set properly, but still no images.


              I've looked at the clearspace error logs and don't see anything too bad.  I am getting this one :


              Error loading jive_init.xml to find jiveHome


              which I think I can fix... although it appears to be finding the jiveHome directory despite that error, as I see the correct value in the System properties of the admin site.

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                Ok, this is even more strange.  I'm still trying to figure out this problem.


                I have now setup an entirely new box with a standalone version of clearspace 1.4.  I placed the standalone version in its own directory (this is on a windows box by the way) in c:\clearspace.  I installed Java JDK 1.5 and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, then started up clearspace.  Seems like thats all you should have to do to get it running.


                But, guess what?  STILL no avatar or status level graphics!  This is really stumping me.  I verified that the standalone version is setting headless mode to true.  I can see that in the default start-clearspace.bat.  Is there anything else that could do it?


                Oh, note that I'm authenticating using LDAP reading from our Active Directory.  Could that have anything to do with it?

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                I am seeing the exact same thing. Checked JiveHome - it is OK.  Can't get avatars or usage stuff.  Weirdness!  Using Tomcat6 on OpenSolaris (I have this installed on one of Joyent's accelerators)


                Will check some error logs....

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                  It was the headless thing. (BTW AJ - you guys should make more of a point of this.  Lots of people are using this on servers and "headless" isn't immediately obvious as a common  thing.


                  What I was doing wrong was sticking the -Djava.awt.headless=true somewhere in catalina.sh - when there are lots of places to do this in that file (I wasn't picking it up when I thought I was)


                  What you need on Tomcat (you guys should put this in the docs) is in the catalina.sh file, to add this line early on somewhere in the file:




                  Then I rebooted. It's important for people, when they do this, to verify that the machine actually rebooted....


                  (I will mark the previous answer as correct, as I believe this will do it for the previous guy - as I can think of no other thing that could cause just the avatars and usage stuff to fail)



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                    Oops - I can't mark that - only he can.  (Jive Forms newbie!)