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    Search function does not support UTF-8 characters

      1.4 Version, the search function does not support UTF-I characters,


      for example, search for "??????"?after press the search button, the search box display "北京上海广州", and the result returns as follows, "Your search for "北京上海广州" returned 0 results"



      the search function in 1.3 version works better than 1.4. Although it has some UTF-8 display matters, but i can return the right result by the search function in version 1.3.


      Also the download as pdf for wiki documents does not support UTF-8, as said here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-1033 . One wiki called confluence need to upload some UTF-8 fonts like song font to support related characters, maybe jive can try this method too.