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    Jira issue filter.



      I have finally located the Jira filter and enabled it.

      However im struggling to learn how one adds these links.


      If I would like to link to a document within Clearspace, I use the plain text editor and add

      eg anything and it links to the document with an icon.


      d = document

      c = community



      Or add a hyperlink and select the document.



      I dont have that option with Jira and I have no idea how to use the linking system.



      Please could someone clarify.



      Thanks in advance.

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          Jira issues have the format "PREFIX-1234". In your Clearspace document if you just

          type in "PREFIX-1234" the filter will convert it to a link. I just tried it with mine and

          it works fine.

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              Thanks for your reply


              That is how our Clearspace used to work, IE if I just typed a document name DOC-1043 in the text, it automatically linked it to the document.

              However that seems to have stopped working. I did locate the command to call on a document though, which was d-DOC-1043 (within a hyperlink).


              Any ideas how I can get the automatic linking enabled again?

              That should sort out 2 problems Jira one included, otherwise if anyone knows the command to call on a jira task, please let me know.


              Many thanks.

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                  I have checked out the JIRA filter, and I was able to have it work by simply entering the project name with a number, for example entering CS-1358 automatically linked me to http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-1358


                  All I had to do was enter the correct information in the JIRA filter settings.



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                      Its communicating with Jira, that is for sure. As the external trackback appears within that task.

                      However Clearspace is failing to make it a link within a document.

                      Same goes for documents, when I create a new document, add DOC-1083 to it-save and publish, it doesnt create a link to that document, just looks like standard text, surely the default document filter should pick up the document or jira task syntax and automatically link it?

                      Ours if failing to do so, so I have a feeling its passing through the filters but somewhere its failing to create these hyperlinks.

                      Any ideas?

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                          If you navigate to (in either posting a document or a discussion) the plain text editor, and click the blue '?' it will explain how to use the internal linking, it is not just "DOC-1234"



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                              Ahh that is awesome. Thank you so much, cant believe I missed that.


                              Just 2 last q's, how does one link in rich text?

                              And what would the syntax be for jira?


                              ie Document  =     The specified item was not found. 


                              Thank you so much.

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                                  The rich text editor will interpret the same syntax, the reason that the blue ? is not there is because you can use the 'link' (chain) button to insert links to other community content.


                                  The syntax for the JIRA filter is explained in the settings page of the filter (within the admin console).



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                                      Ye ive been using the link chain for a while.

                                      I tested the plain text syntax in rich text and that failed as well.


                                      Regards to Jira..


                                      All I can find in there is :


                                      "A list of project names that will be automatically linked to. Case is important, and the pattern looked for will be "name"-"number" where name is a name in this list, e.g. FORUMS-1099."


                                      Which ive read so many times and tested so many combinations. :/


                                      As said before, IE ie Document = The specified item was not found.


                                      And jira doesnt =


                                      Ive tried so far:







                                      I know many of them wont work, but just to prove to you that ive tried many combinations.


                                      It would be great if you could just inform me how to add a jira task to clearspace so that it links to jira, and jira links back to clearspace?

                                      What syntax do I use for both Rich text and Plain text?


                                      Ive searched the forum and googled endlessly .