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    Reports Tab

      Is the reports tab the most basic version of a more robust reporting dashboard? At this point, it's not useful to only be able to see how many unique visitors clicked one 1 piece of content in the last 30 days. What about unique visitors per day? What about visitors who didn't view content? How'd they access your community? What is the bounce rate? How long are they on my site?


      I specifically sent out something yesterday that should have gotten views, but considering that the page view shows a new view every time I click back and then visit it again, I have no real indication of how many people have even visited my group since then.

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          Alex -- I am not sure if you are interested in an add-on module, but we've built a framework (using QlikView) that sits on top of the Jive Analytics data warehouse and can answer questions like the ones you raise. I am happy to provide more information if you are interested.


          Bill Chamberlain

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              Alex, whilst I haven't used Bill's handiwork I can confirm that the QlikView platform Bill describes is extremely good and easy to use and with Bill's work configuring a dashboard specifically around Jive analytics it would be well worth checking out.

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              Hi Alex,


              Do you have access to the sbsanalytics database?


              I have a couple of queries that might help you out.



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                  Hi Mark,


                  Just saw this discussion. Could I still get access to those queries you have mentioned above. I'm working on Jive's latest(version 6) platform and it is still in Pilot stages. I've access to the SBS analytics portal and I believe the queries might help track progress better.




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                    Hi Mark


                    I want to get similar kind of information , I want to know all the users who accessed a particular group from jive analytic db

                    Can you please help me with this query?




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                        Hi Pradeep


                        I think this is what your looking for:


                        select distinct to_char(jd.begin_ts,'YYYY-MM-DD') as date,ja.user_id,ju.username,jo.name as socialgroup_name

                        from public.jivedw_activity_agg_day ja

                            inner join public.jivedw_object jo on ja.dw_container_id = jo.dw_object_id and jo.object_type = 700

                            inner join public.jivedw_day jd on ja.day_id = jd.day_id

                            inner join public.jivedw_user ju on ja.user_id = ju.user_id

                        where date(jd.begin_ts) between '2013-08-01' and '2013-08-31'

                        order by date asc



                        This will give you all users that have accessed social group in 2013-Aug; You can update the "where" clause to filter it by social group, user, etc.


                        I'm not sure what DB you are using, but this is for postgres.


                        Hope this helps!



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                      Thanks for the responses. All I really have is that reports tab. I am sure the system admins have more analytics, but at this point, they aren't available to community managers. Again, the reports tabs are only misleading and for security issues, I understand that we cannot get the plug-ins and apps. Oh well!