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    Clearspace - Import problem w/ LDAP

      The 1.4 version of Clearspace does allow for importing from Integrated with LDAP, but all of the posts are brought in as being owned by "Guest".


      When importing from LDAP, userIDs from Jive Integrated must be mapped to the new userIDs of Clearspace, because the LDAP integration has already assigned userIDs in Clearspace.  Any userIDs that match would be coincidental, and would likely be incorrect.


      If the importer is currently not designed to do this user mapping, can it be made to do so?  If it is designed to map the users, then why would my import fail?



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          I apologize - it seems that you've hit a bug with the user mapping portion of the importer. The importer as it's currently written can either map the users itself (db based users) or it expects the userID's the be equal between users in Jive Integrated/Forums and Clearspace. Unfortunately the fact that userID's may change with the LDAP integration was overlooked during development and QA.


          At this time the only workaround I can think of is to manually copy the data in the  jiveUser/jiveUserProp tables from Jive Integrated Server into a fresh Clearspace database, setup LDAP on Clearspace then test the migration again. I'll log the bug to be fixed for the 1.6 release of Clearspace.





          Bruce Ritchie

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              Thanks for the reply.  As a workaround, I've written a perl script to do the job for me before I import the data.  This is how I've managed to do it:

              1. Setup Clearspace with LDAP and no content

              2. Shutdown Jive Integrated

              3. Copy the Jive Integrated database to a new database.

              4. Copy Jive Integrated jiveHome to a new "scratch" area and change the database location to reference the copy of the database made in step #3.

              4. Run my script on the copy of the database and the clearspace database, which will:

                 - find the user mapping

                 - change the userIDs in tables jiveMessage, jiveKbEntry, jiveUserAvatar (more can be added) on the copy of the jive integrated database.

              5. In Clearspace I import the from jive integrated using the scratch area jiveHome.


              It works.  Unfortunately, I don't see a way to attach my perl script here, but I'll send it to whoever wants it.  It uses the perl DBI and the database is mysql, so there would have to be some changes if you use a different database back-end.