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    Profile | Customization questions


      Hi all-


      I'm doing some profile customization and am trying to accomplish the following. I would like for folks to enter previous employers as well as specific roles they are interested in (i.e. public speaker, security expert, referral source, etc.). The ultimate goal is to provide a way for folks to find experts on certain topics that are willing to help in certain ways:


      Example: CISSP that is interested and trained in public presentations that wants opportunities to present

      Example: employee in our IT department that worked previously for Company XYZ that is also willing to refer sales account execs into that company




      1.) Multiselect: do the values that users select get indexed and then surfaced with search?


      2.) Previous employer tags/fields: is it better to provide guidance to use tags or do the custom fields offer similar flexibility to create collections of folks that want to be surfaced that meet some criteria that align with examples like above?


      Any experience with this (good/bad/etc.) with WRT to profile customization best practices would be much appreciated.



      - Jeff