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    how to set the default Watch settings in Clearspace?

      We are just getting started using Clearspace in a production environment and I'm having trouble figuring out how to set the default Watch Settings. In Forums 5.0, there was a very obvious area called "Watch Settings" that lived under the general Settings area. I cannot find a similar area in Clearspace. Can I still go in to the extend properties and set the same kinds of values to handle this (i.e. watches.enabled, watches.emailNotifyEnabled, watches.digestEmailNotifyEnabled, etc.)?

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          I know you can set those per user through the application interface but I think we removed the ability to set the default through the admin tool somewhere along the line.


          Those properties should still work - I've confirmed that the last two are still in the codebase though I'm pretty certain that digest mode was removed from the end-user UI.





          Bruce Ritchie

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            I'm still have trouble getting watchs enabled. I'm hitting an instance of Clearspace entirely by webservices and using my own front end. I see that I have a watch set correctly on a particular thread by using the WatchService as well as by looking directly into the jiveWatch table in the db. But, when I add a new message to that thread I don't get any emails sent out. I've confirmed that I can send out emails by sending a test email using the admin tool. Are there any other settings I need to configure to get the emails to send?


            fwiw, I'm watching from a couple different users so I'm not running into the issue where you're replying to your own thread.

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                hi hobbs,


                Probably a silly question, but have you confirmed that sending an email to Clearspace actually works?  In other words, one thing to test would be to simply reply to the thread using the web-based interface (just as a test, I know you're using webservices otherwise) and then confirm that watches are being sent out.  If they're still not being sent out (but replying to the thread via the web-based interface works), then the problem is with watch emails somehow.  Otherwise, it sounds like the problem might be with email monitoring.


                Let us know!