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    Heap Size Recommendation?

      I ran into memory problem several times though there aren't that many users. May I know what would be the recommended Xms, Xmx, etc settings for a site as big as Ignite Realtime? Appreciate if I could get some benchmark.

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          A large deployment like Ignite Realtime would need about 1-2 gigs of ram - though getting any bigger than that and it becomes necessary to start looking into other solutions such as clustering servers and such.  For a smaller deployment, the application itself still requires around 64 megs (independent of any users on the system) so 128 or even 512 megs is not out of the question.  There area also other contributors than just  the number of users to heap size and memory overrun errors, so performing a heap dump and looking at which objects are taking up the most space could be useful as well.